You Are What You Think So Free Your Mind

Watch Me Win encourages and empowers youth to envision living beyond their circumstances and to understand that they can truly achieve anything they believe.


The power of a free mind unleashes a world of possibilities.  We simply ask our participants to; be the change they want to see, to come to peace with the things they cannot change, have the courage to change the things they can, and understand true road blocks are neither social nor economical but emotional… and that can be controlled.

Specific programs designed to empower and encourage youth are the signature components of Watch Me Win.  

From the Founder

I created Watch Me Win to carve a path for winners. It is pretty simple. My personal credo has served me well and I trust it will serve you well also. Here it is: You have what you need inside your own mind. So, free your mind of the negative images and social fallacies created by a media driven society. Know what you want and go for it. Remember that destiny is a matter of choice not chance. Do right and right will follow you. Humility will get you everywhere your ego won’t. Personally, my fear is fear and so I choose not to be afraid. My strength is GOD, so I always come equipped. Know your own weaknesses and your own strengths and create your own winning path.