Our Philosophy

Each of you has within you what you need to win. The Watch Me Win philosophy for how to get there is simple.


You will hear this consistently and constantly at Watch Me Win. YOU free your mind by monitoring what YOU allow into your life. Be mindful of what and who you allow in. You don’t want your mind so cluttered with negativity that there is no room for positivity. Clear your mind of negative images and messages and fill your mind with the positive images you see and words you hear. Your mind is your biggest asset in life. Guard it as such. Choose carefully.


Intuition is that gut feeling YOU have. The things YOU just know. It's that inner voice that tells you right from wrong. Pay attention to your intuition. If it's positive, stay and build on that foundation. If it's negative, detach immediately and build a defense against further contact with that person, thought, image, or environment. Your intuition will steer you in the right direction. All you have to do is be mindful and listen.


Have you ever met somebody and there was just something about him or her that you could feel? Have you ever walked into a place or an environment and felt good or bad instantly? That is energy and it can be either positive or negative.

Stay open and aware of your own positive energy and avoid anyone who tries to steal or belittle your positivity. Commit to surroundings that accept and return good energy. Avoid people and environments that do not.


You win by dreaming... DAILY. Before you see something materialize in your life, you need to see it in your mind. Everyday make a choice to dream and to find a way to envision that dream as a reality.


You win by changing your perspective. Make the decision to find beauty in everything you see. Envision the type of beauty you want in your own life.

There is honesty in finding beauty in people and not ripping them apart or judging them. Gossip and judgment is a cancer to your soul. They eat away at everything good in you. You will find that when you see the good in others you see the good in yourself.


You win by giving. It's true what they say; you reap what you sow. While giving is a selfless act, you will feel better when you give of yourself to others.

To sow is to plant. To reap is the harvest that comes from what you've planted. What you put out is what you get back in life. There is nothing fun, hip or cool about being a selfish man or woman. You are only blessed to BE a blessing. You only have in order to give.


Take responsibility for your actions. Know that what you choose to do - in regards to yourself and to others - matters. What you do today can impact your life FOREVER. Be mindful of that. Consequences happen to the young and the old. Do not believe the false hope that you can spend your adolescent years making bad decisions. Those decisions will have consequences and those consequences will follow you.


You win by conquering your fears. Fear attacks your potential, paralyzes your growth and suppresses the winner in you. Fear is a bondage that enslaves your growth as a man and woman. Know that you can fly and the only thing stopping you from flying is fear. Your plan for your life is so much bigger than anything you're afraid of. Your job is to follow this philosophy, and scream to the world “Watch Me Win!”