Watch Me Win boasts six (6) programs. Watch Me Win programs work anywhere youth congregate (schools, community based organizations, religious centers, housing developments, etc). Watch Me Win programs can run as a package or independently. Watch Me Win programs can supplement existing youth work or fill a void. The only goal of Watch Me Win is to harness the incredible potential of youth and create a generation of winners. To accomplish this goal, programming must remain efficient, effective, replicable and sustainable. We partner with other organizations and programs to maximize leverage.

Career Development and Training (ages 16-21)

Watch Me Win leverages the network of its’ founder Hosea Chanchez to partner with community leaders, business professionals and corporate partners. Through a series of seminars and guest speakers, participants will learn:

  • Customer service
  • Basic computer skills
  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Workplace etiquette
  • Appropriate dress
  • Appropriate workplace interaction
  • Appropriate use of personal technology while at work

[Urban] Entrepreneurship™ (ages 16-21)

Through a blended learning setting that incorporates instructor-led learning, computer-based training, and hands-on application, the entrepreneurship program guides aspiring entrepreneurs through the ins-and-outs of starting a business. This program allows participants the ability to learn every step from A to Z in order to launch a business.

Focus will be placed on:

  • Actualizing ideas, concepts, and dreams
  • Performing due dilligence to understand competition
  • Writing a business plan
  • Learning the ins and outs of licensing, trade-marketing and copywriting
  • Understanding business laws and the agencies that govern business
  • Securing funding for a new business venture
  • Creating a marketing and branding plan
  • Understanding the internet's role in business
  • Pricing your services or products
  • Social entrepreneurship and community building
  • Presenting a business plan to investors

In addition to providing the essential knowledge and know-how of starting a business, Watch Me Win incorporates and emphasizes the importance of

  • Perseverance
  • Staying focused and motivated
  • Networking and building relationships
  • Building, giving, and maintaining respect and esteem

Mentorship and Leadership Development (ages 10-21)

The importance of adult role models in the lives of youth is well documented. Through both one-on-one sessions and group-based activities the mentorship and leadership development program will bring out the “watch me win” attitude and passion in all of our participants.

One-on-One sessions will provide a platform for trust and confidentiality and will allow participants personal time to express plans, goals, and areas of development, while also allowing the mentor to build a relationship with each individual. Group-based activities will focus on; team building, understanding group dynamics, effective communication, relationship building and social perceptions.

Financial Literacy (ages 16-21)

In today’s society many people have become fascinated by riches and acquiring millions. Yet the generations of families that carry legacies and generational wealth are diminishing. In this program we look at the reality of money and how to make any amount of money last and work for you not against you. Watch Me Win partners with local banks in each city to provide our participants with an understanding of:

  • Opening an account
  • Credit and finances
  • Financial decision mapping
  • Understanding and identifying wealth generators
  • Long-term investments and residual income
  • Common financial mistakes

Kids With Purpose™ (ages 5-13)

By recognizing and uncovering a child’s natural desire to be productive, industrious, and active this program provides structured skills, hobby, and trade development that will foster good habits, strong work ethic, and a sense of purpose and responsibility. This program, specifically designed for school-aged youth will feature many of the other program elements (entrepreneurship, legacy and wealth, mentorship, etc.) yet geared towards youth aged 5-13.

designed for school-aged youth will feature many of the other program elements (entrepreneurship, legacy and wealth, mentorship, etc.) yet geared towards youth aged 5-13.

Empowerment Tours, Seminars, and Social Forums

Watch Me Win will sponsor special events including field trips, visits to colleges and universities, hosting special guests, attending cultural events, and lots of opportunities to volunteer in the community and help others!